With the idea of providing our customers with the highest quality of service and products in the industry.


Times and technologies may have changed but the same concept remains.


We listen to our customers …

Recognize and acknowledge their needs …


use our wide range of knowledge and expertise to safely and successfully complete the project according to our customers budget and scheduling requirements.

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Orbit Pioneers Est Seek to be a leader in the designing, developing and providing user-friendly solutions with the local customers' needs and requirements always in mind.


  • Give sincere consultation and best advice to all our customers.

  • Provide best solutions that suit local-regional needs.

  • Enhance our facilities and capabilities to always be ready to bring the state-of-the-art solutions within our customers' reach.


Orbit Pioneers continuely adapts to changes in the industry. Over the years we have embraced expanding technologies and have grown our own capabilities to include a  Telecommunications, Security  and POS and BARCODE.


Wherever the future takes us, We will be there at the forefront with a highly-trained workforce to provide you with our Single Source Provider System.Utilization of modern technology is nowadays considered to be the mainstream for the growth and advancement of businesses, organizations and even countries.


It is a must due to its proven contribution to progress and prosperity.

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